1. sleepy beastie

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  2. phuck what you thought though

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  3. people say i look like her

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  4. feminismrulesok:

    looks like my kitty :0

    kitty face

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  5. virare:

    Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (1995)

    claire has a nice pair of lips

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  6. Don’t kill my vibe

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  7. Everybody loves smokey the bear

  8. rehjected:


    ever seen a 3D tattoo? check these out 

    ☆guns in the summertime☆

    Lipstick print

  9. Vegan pizza slut

  10. Fuzzy white kitty

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  11. Sincerely

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  12. weed-and-kittens:

    Yup pretty much.

    Happy face

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  13. I’m so ugly but that’s ok cause so are you

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  14. My girl friend Dessica did this, she’s great!

  15. Ms bubbles

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